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Please move to Colombia. Thanks.


You're only there for another, what, month and a half? I would, but then I'd be stranded once you left...

Sincerely appreciate the compliment though. Maybe you should move to Tel Aviv...


Totally satisfy your brother - your father, your mother, your grandmother - and any one else lucky enough to taste it.


You have a funny concept of quick, looks tasty, love the Orzo the most


Thanks Ben + bt. The truth is that "quick", for me, means anything that takes less than an hour start to finish, or requires minimal effort on my part like roasting a brisket. It took under 15 minutes in total to make the orzo, which I consider to be a short amount of time. I happen to chop things very quickly, especially garlic and only 1 tomato, so it took me about 3 minutes total to peel and slice the garlic as well as to core and dice the tomato. The salami took a while because I kept going through everything in my kitchen that I thought would be appropriate and ruled out a lot things like citrus oils, garlic, shallots or cucumbers. Seriously though, the orzo is very quick.


Wow, both design and choice of ingredients has me salivating!!! I can´t wait to visit you!


I am a big fan of micro pastas. Someone once told me that they thought orzo was such a luxurious food because you get a lot of little pieces. I don't know how orzo used to be made, but perhaps it was labor intensive.

My favorite Greek restaurant in Capitol Hill has this orzo dish with a tomato sauce that has lamb shoulder cooked in it. I replicated it once and added pecorino romano, it was not a mistake.

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