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Every time I visit Jerusalem, I always ask my husband to take me to shuk. I always so overwhelm, always want to buy everything because they look so fresh. I can not wait how that purple carrot look like on a plate.


Are you sure shuk is not the Hebrew word for heaven. I know if it is something like rafiach - apologies to everyone for messing that up. Everything looks so good and just waiting to be transformed into dinner. Couldn't tell if those were beets or red turnips. They are huge and I don't ever remember having beets in Israel except as a relish on falafal. Maybe these sell them to the Manischewitz factory to produce the ocean of borscht available at Pesach.


Hi BT,
I think the word you were looking for is "Rakia" which is one of many words for heaven in Hebrew (Rafiakh is actually an Arab Village which in English and Arabic is called Rafah). Those are most certainly beets, and surprisingly, there's no Manischewitz in Israel except for in specialty American stores. I think the sentiment upon which you touched is what draws me to the Shuk with such frequency - seeing the vegetables calling out for you to cook them.

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