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Happy Cook

Wow you can make a indian dinner for any time. That chicken pea and the chicken looks so so delish. Wish i had them for lunch now.


This meal looks "amazing" to quote some folks we know. I am enthralled by the colors. Indian is the best looking stuff. I wish I could have joined you and your friends for dinner. Too bad for the vegetarians. They really missed out. Yogurt appears again - yes - we are winning the yogurt wars. Israel is the best place for white cheese, yogurt, leben, kefir cheese, feta, cream, == any sort of white, fermented product.


This looks SOOOOO good! Agreed, you can make dinner for me anytime. Recently my friends and I had an Indian potluck and because most of them were vegetarian, I had to bring a vegetarian dish. Don't tell anyone, but I opted to cheat a little. I've been buying this brand called Tastybite for a long time now and they make delicious Indian vegetarian food that's not high in fat or sodium. So I warmed a few of these dishes up for our potluck and everyone loved it! Even though I cheated, I'd still like a shot at making Indian food and I think you're the catalyst! Thanks!


Thanks Happy Cook, it's wonderful to get such a compliment from an Indian cook.

Yogurt does indeed appear again - trying to go authentic.

Thanks Penny, Tasty Bite is indeed just that... tasty. It's full of preservatives, however, and has a shelf life of like 5 years. I think going the home made rout might be a healthier on a regular basis. Definitely a very yummy snack went you don't have time to cook though.

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