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I just reheated this for dinner tonight, mixed everything in a bowl (save the salad), heated it up, and it came out rather soup like. So if you feel like making this, and then serving it in a pasta bowl, it comes out very well. I also added some agave syrup this time, and that cut the heat a little bit. The juices from the meat had solidified into jelly in the fridge, and all the fat had risen to the top. I scraped some of the fat off and then mixed that with butter, mixed some of the left over spices with some eggs and made scrambled eggs in the mixture of butter and fat from the osso bucco. It was delicious.


The salad looks so beautiful. I'm sure the meat tasted so good. In the picture of the spice mixture, what are the large black things? Peppers?

It's hysterical that you know and use the word capsaicin


The reddish black things are torn up ancho chilli, the larger black spheres are allspice berries, and the smaller ones are black peppercorns.


Looks very good. As I have learned, authentic mexican is very hard to do. Bravo.


Are those potatoes in the picture right above the rice? Are there potatoes in this meal?


No potatoes in this meal, what you're looking at is a quarter of an orange. The roasted vegetables were butternut squash, parsnip and celeriac.

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