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I am so impressed with the cream you added. Pretty soon it will be yogurt. But of course, I love soup. I could live on soup. What could be better than being satisfied and getting your vitamins all at once. Have you tried avocado soup? Cucumber soup. Now is the season.


Avi! It was pleasing to see your comment on my wall and I thank you. Especially because yours had more originality to it rather than the normal, "happy b-day." Much appreciated. I am also wondering what your other meals consist of throughout the day. Us fans see a lavish, inventive and artistic meal at night but I am curious as to how you feed yourself throughout the rest of the day?


I'm glad to have wished you well on your birthday, I hope the day was excellent. For breakfast, I tend to have coffee sometimes accompanied by a croissant (and ever so rarely a cinnamon bun). They're not so big on American breakfast here but I do enjoy that as well.

Lunch for me is an optional meal to be honest. Most frequently, however, I have pizza. I love pizza. My favourite pizzeria is located 5 minutes from me so I call in my order, walk over, pick it up and then eat it at home. If I'm on campus, I often go over to Ilan's and make lunch with him, or forego lunch. The options at school are really disgusting unfortunately. I also eat a fair amount of kinder bueno, consume truly copious quantities of Coke Zero, and eat the occasional shawarma here and there. I'll do a blog post about Israeli street food.

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