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Aviya Kones

Dear Avi, I love you.
if i could i would fold you up and carry you in my pocket for all of time.
you're food is still better than anything i've tasted in Seoul, China and vietnam.

Medifast Diet

Will be trying your spicy rice recipe. Love rice, I know some find it too plain, and my husband is one of those, but I could eat it just as it is. So when I find a recipe that isn't all tomatoes and too much of everything I have to give it a try. Thanks

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Wow, I love Peking duck and never thought to make it myself, but you are always a source of inspiration. Can I just say that when I first saw that picture, I thought had a 6 pack, and was ripped! Regardless of the athletic inclinations of the duck, the final results look amazing.

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