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Ariane Ben Eli

Avi, your blog is a delight. Your love of cooking is infectious. I was never bitten by the food bug. While I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that I think food is fuel and I like an auto need to top off when I'm running low, I have never felt particularly creative with recipes. I can peer into a fridge that is brimming with food and be unable to see a thing to eat. I used to trawl the web looking for tips for planning meals and would get stuck before I even got started. Alas...

What I love about your blog is you've managed to make cooking appear manageable without making it "quick" or "easy," without denuding it of the complexity that makes it becoming in the first place.

I adored your ode to your mother. What a fabulous cook to have as your first mentor.


Mmmmmm I can still taste it! Scrumptious indeed! I miss your cooking so much, but I have to admit I miss you more. Bisous and thanks again for the delicious meal

Karen Taranto

What a wonderful experience to have the fabulous Santa Cruz dinner prepared by Avi with an additional touch of class by Barb. Absolutely delicious food and conversation.Seeing Isaac, Goldie and Ken made the event complete. Let us know where and when the next such event is and we'll be there, fork and knife in hand. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Karen Taranto

An addition to my post, we thoroughly enjoyed the visit with Cecile, wonderful seeing her again. Love, Grandma

Alex Ireland

This was the first night I was introduced to Avi Taranto's cooking. It was also the night my life changed forever.

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