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I like the information about rice and tomatoes/papayas. Maybe you should cook a curry as it would have been 300 years ago. I like to try make historically accurate stuff once in awhile.


The list of new-comers to Indian cuisine is quite astonishing given the number of things we associate so strongly with it, such as tea which was only successfully made ubiquitous in Indian society in the middle of the 20th century. A dish from three hundred years ago would have varied vastly depending on region given that the subcontinent was then ruled by a great number of local rulers and European powers. Even pre-European influenced food contained a great number of "foreign" ingredients such as Persian rice, Central Asian melons and various spices from all over the Indian Ocean world brought to India through trade and conquest. Perhaps I'll make a Khichari or Biryani which originated in Mughal times in Northern India.

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