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Ilan Ben Zion

Were I to be "mature" about my compliments about this sumptuous feast, I would refrain from dropping expletives and simply praise this dish's its tantalizing, mouth-watering aromas, delicate tastes, intricate harmonization of flavors, and long-lingering satisfaction. Even after a night of mulling it over, I am still not sure what I enjoyed more, the broth, the goose, or the salad-- each of which was delicious in different ways. The lychees we ate thereafter were equally good.
Instead I will summarily state it was infuckincredible (a grammatically correct word, at that, Avi).
Congratulations again, Avi, on yet another fantastic meal only surmountable by your next.


that looks incredible Avi!
I'm headed to Vancouver on the 30th for the wedding! See you there?

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