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Alex Ireland

Avi! Another high quality dish using few but powerful ingredients. As much as your blog has pushed me to seek more unique ingredients, I am still unable to find what a lot of the posts call for. I am not giving up, and I appreciate and love the motivation following your blog has given me.

How did you make that pasta sauce with the tomatoes, garlic, butter and basil?


Alex, I equally appreciate your readership! If ever you find an Indian specialty store, they ought to carry most of the rare ingredients that I employ.

With regards to the pasta sauce - I just heat up the butter on very low heat and added all the tomatoes and garlic together at the same time to let them sweat together. You don't want to leave it for to long because the tomatoes will begin to fall apart. Also, I cored the tomatoes. I tossed in the basil when I mixed the pasta with the sauce. Simple and delicious.

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