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Deeeeeeelicious. Deeeeeeelicious. Twas, deeeeelicious. Thank you. What could possibly be better than tender yet crispy goose and Jean-Luc Picard?


It was entirely my pleasure. And there is but one answer and that is it would better to have consumed that goose on the Enterprise with Picard! Alas... we'll have to wait a few hundred years.


One of the great missing elements of Star Trek is food related scenes. Occasionally we see the crew in a bar with odd sounding earth-like beverages. What the creators imagined the crew ate, how they ate it, when they ate it and how they survive for years without obvious replenishing the supplies, would make excellent material for a new ST series.
I am quite happy to think about Jean-Luc eating goose. Seems fitting. I would love to see him in a ST that portrayed all sorts of interesting things - cooking (if they do it), eating and of course recycling.
Sounds like a fun and delicious dinner.

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